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AI- 51655
Commissioners Court
Meeting Date: 02/28/2022  
Amendment to Funding Agreement Trinity Trails Preservation Association
Submitted For: Clarence Daugherty Submitted By: Dawn Redwine
Department: Engineering  
Request Type: CONSENT Agenda Area: Amendment

Department Action
In November 2019, the Commissioners Court awarded Trinity Trails Preservation Association $7,500.00 in funding from the 2018 Parks Open Space 1st Series Bond. (CO#2019-1071-11-18) These funds were to be used for trail signage and markers, clearing work by contractor, and seed for vegetation establishment.

Since work has begun on the project, it has been discovered that many of the re-routes require crossing significant drainage channels and will require a larger than normal culvert to bridge the channel. Culverts were not included in the original grant request; therefore, money spent on them is not reimbursable by the county as per that original agreement.

Trinity Trails Preservation Association is requesting to alter their original expenses by removing the contractor work and some of the signage and replace with culverts and concrete bags. This request was presented to the Parks Foundation Advisory Board on February 10, 2022 and was approved.

Attached is the modified budget spreadsheet showing the new cost structure. The cells highlighted in yellow are those that were altered or added from the original grant request.No new funds are required for this amendment.

Action Requested: It is requested that Commissioners Court approve and execute the attached amendment No. 1 to the Funding Agreement with Trinity Trails Preservation Association.
Purchasing Department Action
Request Commissioners Court consideration and any action regarding approval of amendment No. 1 to the funding agreement between Collin County and the Trinity Trails Preservation Association for improvements along Trinity Trail, Open Space Project OI07PG101. Further, authorize the County Judge to execute same. MD

 Collin County's participation is a NTE amount of $7500.00.
HR and/or IT Action
Budget Department Action
Amendment No. 1 to funding agreement between Collin County and Trinity Trails Preservation Association for project OI07PG101 for improvements along Trinity Trail. Collin County's contribution is not to exceed $7,500.  2007 Bond Fund (4017).
Auditor's Office Action
Bond funds available.
Commissioners Court
No. 1 to Funding Agreement with Trinity Trails Preservation Association for improvements along Trinity Trail, Open Space Project No. OI07PG101, Engineering. 

Budget Information
Information about available funds
Budgeted: Funds Available: Adjustment: Amount Available: 7,500
Unbudgeted: Funds NOT Available: Amendment:
Account Code(s) for Available Funds
1: OI07PG101-4017-750600044-626550
Fund Transfers
Court Order 2022-218-02-28
Amendment to Funding Agreement
Backup for updated funding

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