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AI- 51673
Commissioners Court
Meeting Date: 02/28/2022  
Tyler Technologies Modria Online Dispute Resolution
Submitted For: Caren Skipworth Submitted By: Ben White
Department: Information Technology  
Request Type: CONSENT Agenda Area: Amendment

Department Action
On December 13, 2021, Commissioners Court approved Court Order 2021-1240-12-13, an Amendment to the original Tyler Technologies Modria Agreement, to better coincide with Senate Bill 41.
That Amendment specifically identified initial filings as subject to fee capture for alternative dispute resolution purposes. Further investigation of SB41 qualifies both initial and subsequent filings for capture. Therefore, the Collin County Information Technology Department requests approval to amend the December 13, 2021 Amendment to reflect this legislation.
Senate Bill 41 took effect on January 1, 2022 and makes mandatory the capture of filing fees for the use of an alternative dispute resolution system – a funding model Collin County previously invoked as optional. Therefore, there is no budgetary impact to the County.
Purchasing Department Action
Request Commissioners Court consideration and any action regarding approval of Amendment No. 2 to 2019-079 Subscription License and Services Agreement, Modria Online Dispute Resolution with Tyler Technologies Inc. to (1) replace Exhibit A, Investment Summary with the Investment Summary attached to this amendment as Exhibit 1 and (2) replace Exhibit B, Invoicing and Payment Policy with the Invoicing and Payment Policy attached to this amendment as Exhibit 2 and authorize Purchasing Agent to execute same. ha
HR and/or IT Action
Budget Department Action
Request for Amendment No. 2 to 2019-079, Subscription License and Services Agreement, Modria Online Dispute Resolution to replace Exhibit 1 and 2 to better reflect the changes in SB41. No action by Budget.
Auditor's Office Action
No action by Auditor.
Commissioners Court
No. 2 to Subscription License and Services Agreement, Modria Online Dispute Resolution (Agreement No. 2019-079) with Tyler Technologies, Inc. to make various changes to the agreement, and further authorize the Purchasing Agent to finalize and execute same, Information Technology. 

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Court Order 2022-219-02-28
2252 Certification

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