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AI- 52245
Commissioners Court
Meeting Date: 06/20/2022  
Safety Wear Contract Change Order and Renewal - 2020-186 AARDVARK
Submitted For: Jim Skinner Submitted By: Tracy Spurgin
Department: Sheriff's Office  
Request Type: CONSENT Agenda Area: Change Order

Department Action
Request approval for contract change order and renewal for contract 2020-186, Safety Wear with Aardvark
Purchasing Department Action
Request Commissioners Court consideration and any action regarding approval of Change Order No. 2 to IFB 2020-186 Safety Wear with AARDVARK to (1) renew the contract for the period July 1, 2022 continuing through and including June 30, 2023, and (2) add line 64 to the contract, and authorize Purchasing Agent to execute same. ED.
Contract Renewal 2 of 2
FY22 Expenditures to date – $0
FY21 Expenditures - $13,140
HR and/or IT Action
Budget Department Action
Budgeted funds available for Change Order No. 2 to IFB 2020-186, Safety Wear with AARDVARK. New contract term is July 1, 2022 through June 30, 2023. General Fund (0001).
Auditor's Office Action
Funds available in the General Fund.  Budget anticipated to be approved for FY 2023.
Commissioners Court
No. 2 to Safety Wear (IFB No. 2020-186) with Aardvark to extend the contract for one (1) year through and including June 30, 2023, add a line item to the contract, and further authorize the Purchasing Agent to finalize and execute same, Sheriff. 

Budget Information
Information about available funds
Budgeted: Funds Available: Adjustment: Amount Available:
Unbudgeted: Funds NOT Available: Amendment:
Account Code(s) for Available Funds
1: various
Fund Transfers
Court Order 2022-558-06-20
Change Order
2252 Certification
1295 Form redacted
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