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AI- 54021
Commissioners Court
Meeting Date: 05/22/2023  
Litchford Heights Addition lot 2B- Road Frontage Variance Request
Submitted For: Clarence Daugherty Submitted By: Mike Sullivan
Department: Engineering  
Request Type: CONSENT Agenda Area: Miscellaneous

Department Action

Ms. Roxanne Padget, owner of lot 2B in the Litchford Heights Addition, is requesting a variance to the subdivision regulations with regards to the minimum road frontage requirements on existing county roads.  

The platted lot is located approximately 1.3 miles northwest of the city of Weston. There is a residence located at 1177 Lone Star Rd on the platted lot. (See location map attached.) 

Ms. Padget would like to subdivide approximately 1.0 acres out of her 2.5-acre parcel for her son and daughter in law. Lot 2B has 135’ road frontage currently therefore does not have enough road frontage to subdivide and meet the road frontage requirements of 100’ per lot.

When the original lot 2 was re-platted into lots 2A and 2B in January of 2003, the road frontage meet the requirements in place at the time.

Ms. Padget requests the variance based on the section of Lone Star road being flat, straight and has good sight distance both direction from lot 2B. Visibility from this address is unobstructed for approximately 0.25 miles either direction.

Staff recommends approval of this requested action based on the basis that the presence of two driveways within the 135’ span, in an area with good sight visibility either direction from the property, would not create a safety issue for the residents of these lots or the local traffic. Ms. Padget will submit a re-plat to Collin County for approval.

There are options available for the division of the lots at the road frontage, which will be provided with this submittal.



We request Commissioners Court consideration of the requested variance to the Collin County Subdivision Regulation regarding road frontage requirements and allow the existing and proposed lots to have less than the required 100’ road frontage.  

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Commissioners Court
Subdivision regulations variance request to allow less than 100' road frontage on Lot 2B of Litchford Heights Addition, Engineering.

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Court Order 2023-31-05-22
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