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AI- 48218
Commissioners Court
Meeting Date: 04/06/2020  
Amended Technology Standards List
Submitted By: Greg Elliott
Department: Information Technology  
Request Type: CONSENT Agenda Area: Miscellaneous

Department Action

The Information Technology department is requesting Commissioner Court approval of the 3Q20 update of equipment manufacturers for IT procurement standards. The manufacturers represented on this list are available through resellers from a variety of state contracts, such as the State of Texas Department of Information Resources agreement.


While this list of standards will be used to guide procurement, it does not necessarily preclude the IT department from soliciting bids based on generic specifications where the use of a specific manufacturer is not necessary or where a specific non-standard manufacturer is required for a specific line of business. This list is to serve as a guide and may be amended, by future court order, as technology or market conditions dictate.
Purchasing Department Action
 Request Commissioners Court consideration and any action regarding the amended list of IT procurement standards. sh
HR and/or IT Action
Budget Department Action
 No action by Budget.
Auditor's Office Action
No action by Auditor.
Commissioners Court
Amended list of equipment manufacturers for IT procurement standards, Information Technology. 

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Fund Transfers
There is no direct cost impact due to adoption of the updated standards list. This list serves as a guide for technology procurement approved as part of the normal budget process. 
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Standards List
IT Standards Redlined Version

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